Please be aware of Antifreeze Poisoning

Antifreeze (any product containing ethylene glycol) is EXTREMELY toxic to cats and dogs. It’s mostly cats we see affected, it has a sweet taste and they readily lick it off their paws or off the ground under cars. It causes acute kidney failure, we have had two cases already this year, with one sadly dying and one in a critical condition.

Please use antifreeze with care-be careful not to spill, if you do rinse any spillages straight away. Store in securely closed containers out of reach of pets. You can also sign petitions or write to encourage antifreeze manufactures to add a bittering agent to the product to make it less appealing to cats.
Clinical signs include ‘drunkenness’ and lethargy, if you have any suspicion your pet has ingested antifreeze you need to get them to the vet IMMEDIATELY.

By |November 24th, 2014|News and Advice|