It’s that time of year again! Fireworks will start soon and may easily continue into the new year. This can be a scary time for cats and dogs. There are a few things you can do to help make life a little easier and stress free for them when the scary bangs start:

Take dogs for a nice long walk during daylight hours.

Keep cats in on nights you think there might be fireworks nearby. Remember to provide a litter tray if they are not normally house cats!

Close curtains and provide constant, low background noise, such as a TV or radio.

Stick to your normal routine and do not pay your pet any extra attention.

Make your pet a den filled with their blankets and toys where they can hide away to feel safe. Cats feel safer high up, so a box on a wardrobe is perfect.

Distraction! Play with your pet, or give them an interactive toy that rewards them with treats to keep their mind occupied and off the fireworks!

Do not punish your pet for fearful behaviour, and tempting though it may be, do not comfort them too much either-this will just confirm that there is something to fear.

Buy your calming aids well in advance. The Kingfisher team will be happy to discuss your options, whether its a plug in, a spray, a collar, a Tshirt, a paste or a tablet, there’s something out there to help calm your pet!



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