Nugget VonMewalot belongs to Kylie, head nurse at our Taunton branch. A few weeks ago she was hit by a car near her home in Yarcombe. Luckily a member of the public saw it happen and picked Nugget up. The lady rang her own vets but because it was late in the evening the local branch was closed and they asked her to bring her to their branch in mid Devon, around 45 minutes away. Nugget was seen immediately and given emergency first aid.
Because Nugget had a microchip the vets were able to call Kylie straight away, and she was home the following morning (although she did require further treatment at Kingfisher, she was lucky to escape with just a fractured jaw)
This story shows just how easily cats can get far from home, and just how important microchips are in getting them reunited.
It is law to have your dog microchipped, but just as important to chip your cat too! Even if you think your cat wouldn’t go far you never know, we’ve had stories of cats getting into the back of delivery vehicles and all sorts!
Microchipping is quick, easy and cheap. Its no more painful than a routine injection and once there it’s there for life. It is very often the difference between getting a lost pet back or not. We do rabbits and tortoises too!