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EASTER COMPETITION WINNERS Congratulations to the winners of our Easter art competition Olivia, aged 8, who drew the lovely picture of her dogs and Finn, aged 10, who did this impressive pencil sketch of his cat Purdy. Both won a yummy prize and their art will be displayed on our website and in Kingfisher Vets. Thank you all so much for your wonderful pictures! Click here to see the winning entries.

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Easter Competition!

It’s that time of year again for our Easter art competition for anyone aged 16 years or under. Click on the headline above to find out more details!

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HUGE congratulations to students Emma from our Taunton branch and Jenna from Martock who….well, who aren’t students anymore! Both girls have done us proud by sailing through their final examinations becoming fully qualified Veterinary Nurses! It’s been a long process and both girls have worked really hard and thoroughly deserve their success.
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Nugget VonMewalot belongs to Kylie, head nurse at our Taunton branch. A few weeks ago she was hit by a car near her home in Yarcombe. Luckily a member of the public saw it happen and picked Nugget up. The lady rang her own vets but because it was late in the evening the local branch was closed and they asked her to bring her to their branch in mid Devon, around 45 minutes away. Nugget was seen immediately and given emergency first aid.
Because Nugget had a microchip the vets were able to call Kylie straight away, and she was home the following morning (although she did require further treatment at Kingfisher, she was lucky to escape with just a fractured jaw)
This story shows just how easily cats can get far from home, and just how important microchips are in getting them reunited.
It is law to have your dog microchipped, but just as important to chip your cat too! Even if you think your cat wouldn’t go far you never know, we’ve had stories of cats getting into the back of delivery vehicles and all sorts!
Microchipping is quick, easy and cheap. Its no more painful than a routine injection and once there it’s there for life. It is very often the difference between getting a lost pet back or not. We do rabbits and tortoises too!

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The fireworks seem to have already started, and you can be sure they will be appearing randomly from now until the new year. Treating a noise phobic pet is a long term job, with the quieter parts of the year used to desensitise them to the problem using routines and sound therapy and trailing remedies to find the one that best suits your pet. Many anti-anxiety treatments are best started well in advance, so give us a call to see how we can help today!…/dog-b…/sound-therapy-for-pets

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Cardiology Campaign

During October and November we are running a cardiology campaign, to raise awareness of the recently published EPIC study, which showed that dogs with mitral valve disease benefitted massively from receiving medication BEFORE the external signs of heart disease were evident, if evidence of heart enlargement was detected.

Mitral valve disease particularly affects Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and similar breeds of dog, and is common beyond the age of 6. If you have a Cavalier or other small dog and would like to attend the practice for a FREE consultation with a vet to check their heart, please ring the surgery to book an appointment. If a heart murmur is detected, we are offering reduced price assessment to detect enlargement of the heart. If this is detected then this hugely beneficial medication can then be given to your dog.


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New Vets

We would like to welcome Rob Clark and Amy Harrison to our veterinary team. Rob and Amy both graduated this year, from the Royal Veterinary College in London, and Cambridge respectively. Amy will be working mostly at our Crewkerne branch, and Rob mostly at our Chard branch. Rob is a local boy having been to school in Taunton and Amy although born in Australia has loved the West Country for many years and is delighted to be putting down roots in the area. 

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Have you seen Foxy

Name: Foxy
Breed & Species: Bengal cat
Colour: Brown Spotted
Went missing: 3 months ago
(11 June 2017 at around 10:00hrs)
Location: North Curry, United Kingdom
Health:Alive & well
Age: 2 years old
Sex: Spayed Female
Microchipped: Yes
Markings: She has light Brown/Grey coloured coat with black rosettes/cloud markings that are lighter in the middle. Black stripes on her chest. White chin and lighter coloured belly. Green eyes.
Circumstances: She is an indoor cat and only goes outside in our garden when we are outside or on a lead. However, she likes to escape, and believe that she jumped out of our bathroom window.
Other info: She is a very small cat and very lightweight. Very chatty, loves to talk. She can be nervous of strangers. Has a very sweet nature.…/…/lost-female-bengal-cat/abd9ryft

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poisonDid you know many human foods and products can be bad for, or even toxic to your pet? Examples include chocolate which can cause kidney failure due to the theobromine, grapes and raisins which also cause kidney failure (this includes dried fruits in fruit cake and the like!) Paracetamol causes anaemia in cats, the tiniest hint of lily pollen is also highly toxic, Antifreeze (which surprisingly has a sweet taste and is readily licked off roads and pavements by cats and is nearly always fatal) Onions and garlic, raw eggs or meat, artificial sweeteners, caffine, alcohol……in fact the list goes on and on! As a golden rule, if it is not dog/cat food and you are not sure DO NOT RISK IT! If you think your pet has ingested a dangerous item the sooner you call us, the more we can do to help.

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