All of our surgeries have up to date X-ray facilities with automatic processing of the X-ray films. This means we can get excellent images in all sizes of pet ranging from small birds to Great Danes. We also have a dedicated dental X-ray unit as used by human dentists giving clear images on intraoral film for diagnosis of dental problems and to assist with dental treatment. Our main surgery at Crewkerne has digital radiography for higher quality images and in-depth investigations.


Ultrasound facilities are available at all of our centres through the use of a portable dedicated Veterinary scanner. A larger NHS hospital standard scanner with Doppler colour flow capabilities for heart scans is available at our main site in Crewkerne.


We have a modern portable electrocardiography (ECG) machine which can be used to investigate heart disease in both dogs and cats.

Doppler Ultrasonic Blood Pressure Measurements

Measuring blood pressure is becoming increasingly important in the diagnosis of dog and cat disease. In particular cats with kidney failure and hyperthyroidism, both of which are common in older cats may benefit from this investigation. Conventional blood pressure measuring as done by human GPs is not appropriate for small pets, so we rely on electronic equipment utilising doppler shift. We have several machines across the practice and our nurses are happy to do regular monitoring for long term patients.


We have 2 endoscopes at the practice one larger gastroscope for examining the oesophagus and stomach and often useful for retrieving fishooks, and one smaller bronchoscope for examining the trachea and upper airways.

Laboratory Services

Each surgery is equipped with dry chemistry blood analysers for rapid accurate results and we have the facility to analyse electrolytes and blood gases for critical patients at our main site. We are often able to process tests whilst clients are waiting to give immediate information. Urine analysis can also be done at all centres for diagnosis of problems such as kidney disease, diabetes and cystitis. Microscopy services are also available in each centre allowing rapid diagnostic support such as for the investigation of ear infections, dermatitis, diarrhoea and urinary problems. We also carry a range of additional in-house tests for conditions such as Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV), Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) Canine parvovirus and pancreatitis. By pre-arrangement we can also process blood samples to give optimum time for mating in the bitch. For more advanced laboratory support we have a nightly courier service to a local veterinary referral laboratory run by some of the top Veterinary Clinical Pathologists in the country. Results are received electronically and virtually all are back by the end of the next working day and often by the following morning.