Operating theatres

All of our centres have dedicated modern operating theatres with hospital standard anaesthetic machines, pulse oximetry and blood pressure monitoring. Our nurses our fully trained to administer and monitor anaesthetics and we use the latest medications and gases similar to those used in human medicine. Orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery is routinely undertaken and we have a Certificate holding surgical specialist and ophthalmologist, but for more specialised procedures we have excellent working relationships with local referral centres including the University of Bristol Vet School at Langford.

Dental Surgery

Each surgery is equipped with modern dentistry equipment very much as is found in human dental surgeries with ultrasonic descalers and air driven drills and polishing units. Dental radiography is also available. Dental disease is one of the most frequent health problems of the modern pet. Dental clinics are run by our nurses who will carry out free check ups and give advice. All dental treatment is followed up with information on prophylactic care of your pet’s teeth.

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