Consulting and Diagnostics

Kingfisher Vets offers expert veterinary consultations and treatment for all pet animals including exotic pets during our normal consulting hours, with a 24 hour emergency service available outside of these hours. All practices have fully equipped pharmacies so that the vast majority of the time both initial and ongoing treatment is immediately available. Our waiting and consulting rooms are spacious and modern. We have extensive diagnostic facilities: for more information please see the facilities page.


All of our surgeries have full operating facilities. Most surgeries are performed on site, including soft tissue, abdominal and orthopaedic surgeries. For more information please see the facilities page.


A number of orthopaedic procedures are routinely performed. Our visiting surgeon Andy Morris can also perform more advanced orthopaedic surgeries including the TTA procedure for cruciate ruptures. For more information please visit


Our vet Raman Coore has a Royal College Certificate in Ophthalmology, meaning that he has advanced knowledge of this area of veterinary medicine, together with advanced equipment. All of our vets are trained in ophthalmology but for more complex cases Raman can offer expert care and treatment, together with advanced surgical procedures such as electrolysis for distichiasis and corneal grafting techniques for eye ulcers.


Our vet Marian Singleton has additional qualifications in acupuncture and so can offer this valuable adjunctive therapy, proven to be useful in a variety of situations including spinal disease, arthritis and a variety of chronic diseases