Crewkerne Veterinary Centre, TA18 8EQ
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Mon-Fri 8.30am-6.30pm
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The Crewkerne surgery is our largest branch, with our main diagnostic facilities for the investigation and treatment of complex cases, two operating theatres, and three separate hospitalisation areas. We also house our dedicated pet grooming service and our central office for administration and practice management.

Crewkerne Surgery

Crewkerne Surgery



We have two hospitalisation areas next to our prep room area, one for dogs and the other for cats and other smaller animals. Being close to the prep room area allows us to closely monitor them during our working day, but in a quiet environment away from the bustle and noise of the prep room area.

Away from this area a third hospital area is available for isolation cases. This area is completely separate from the rest of the hospital and has only one entry and exit point, with separate drainage. This allows for ‘barrier nursing’, a technique for the isolation of cases where there is a high risk of infection to other animals.

Crewkerne Prep Room

Crewkerne Prep Room

Crewkerne Operating Theatre

Crewkerne Operating Theatre


Our large prep room is connected to our two operating rooms and our imaging suite. The prep room area contains two treatment tables, which are used for all non-surgical treatments including dental work, and for anaesthesia and preparation of surgical and diagnostic cases prior to their transfer into the operating theatre or imaging suite. The prep room also contains the lab area, where we can perform detailed blood and urine testing, in addition to microscopic examination of samples.

The prep room area also contains three recovery kennels, which allow us to closely monitor our animals whilst they recover from sedation or aesthetics, prior to their transfer back to the kennelling / hospitalisation areas.

Crewkerne Waiting Room

Crewkerne Waiting Room

Waiting and consulting

Our large and clean waiting area has a large fishtank to help provide some relaxation whilst you are waiting. There is also a separate retail area where you can find food and pet accessories. We have three consulting rooms available at all times.


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Kate King

Kate qualified as a Veterinary Nurse from Kingston Maurward College in 1991. Over the years she was worked in both small animal and mixed practices in Dorset, Kent and Somerset and well as providing training to nurses. She spends most of her time off looking after her family and small menagerie of animals.